Pat Magrath Launches New Website

  1. Prototype - Pure
  2. Prototype - Heart Machine

Welcome to my new website!  Please excuse the mess here while we tidy up.  Some sections are not complete yet but we’re working on them!  Please visit us often for updates, etc.  If you need to contact me, please click here for the contact page.

Pat Magrath


  1. Kenny Vaughn says:

    Many thanks again for your help and support! Watching you play was a joy! You are undoubtedly a gifted drummer who has taken your God given talent to a higher level than most of us can. I hope to see you some day perform live. While we are a few generations apart and my extremely limited musical experience was born from a garage band in S.W. Missouri and initially inspired by the Beatles, i am not used to the speed metal music but I definitely enjoy watching drummers like you play it!! I am curious too about your studio. Maybe I could come and see it someday? I probably can’t afford your rates but do you rent time for guys to record drum tracks like I do at Backline? If so what do you charge?

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