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After attending the Conservatory for the Arts, graduating from Visual & Performing Arts High School, and playing all over the local music scene in St. Louis and the surrounding areas, Pat Magrath relocated to the Los Angeles area to continue his pursuit of a career in the music industry.

Opening what was to become a very successful rehearsal, recording, and video production studio just 6 months after arriving in the LA area, he was instrumental in the development of the client roster over the next 20 years of operation for the business.

The handling of contract negotiation and overseeing equipment specifications for the various musicians, bands and producers that Pat provided for, was a standard part of his job responsibility. As well as event planning for professional level music clients, major recording labels and multi national corporations, booking rooms for rehearsal or recording sessions, scheduling employees and technicians, and attending to the needs of the artists became a specialty in customer service that gave the business a “heads above the rest”.                                                    

Pat served many well known bands or members of:   Los Lobos, Van Halen, Stryper, Winds of Plague, Buckethead, Kotton Mouth Kings, The Black Dahlia Murder, Doobie Brothers, Slayer, Suicidal Tendencies, System Of A Down, Oingo Boingo, L.A. Guns, White Zombie, as well as loads of locals, not to mention: Dennis Rodman, Budweiser, Miller, MCA Records, Capitol Records, Sony Records, and a ton of independent promoters, labels and management.

“I always took it as an honor, that when musicians that played at Unchained Studios traveled the country and ran into others who played there, they always sighted me as a key point on why they kept their business at Unchained!” Pat stated in an interview for a follow up with one of the several mentor programs he participated in.

As a mentor and teacher he worked with drummers that went on to play in, or were in, a wide variety of bands. Pat Magrath has provided instruction to drummers that have been featured on the covers of Modern Drummer, DRUM Magazine, Rolling Stone, AP, Revolver, and other Major Magazines.  

Providing instruction for drummers and percussionists for:  System of a Down, White Zombie, Slayer, Ministry, Strung Out, Jackson Browne, Gwen Stefani, Elan, Fear Factory, The Adolescents, Death By Stereo, Ankla, Prong, Buckethead, The Veil Between, Sangre, and a host of others, local and otherwise.

This and the studio business were to become a cornerstone for his development, as a very well known, trendsetting recording and touring drummer/percussionist and successful studio persona for the next 25 years.

Performing on commercials, jingles, major motion picture trailers, and well over 40 CD releases throughout the majority of the globe.  Also being a performer on multiple tours throughout North America and Europe, Pat Magrath gained an abundance of knowledge about the music industry. Covering many facets of what it takes to create a great performance, as well as what goes on behind the scenes to allow the artist to perform more freely.

After having garnered first hand experience from performing on literally hundreds of shows and coordinating dozens of others, Pat was asked to stage manage and set up talent for shows and tours with The Misfits, The Exploited, D.I., The Skulls, Creeping Death, Amerikan Made, 1st Annual Fireman’s benefit at Ontario Mills Mall, and a steady flow of others from the local music scene. He also consulted on tours and website design for Warfest, and participated in stage coordination, and stage management for several events and regional tours.

As a musician Pat has performed as the live and or recording drummer with acts FEAR, SAOSIN, RIOT, KILLINGCULTURE, TEN FOOT POLE, Claremont Symphony Orchestra, and Piano Piano Dueling Piano Bar. He has also performed at multiple Youth Centers, Schools, Colleges, Universities and given drum clinics at major and independent music stores. All that, as well as being a rehearsing drummer for SLAYER (filling in for Dave Lombardo).

Pat has also performed on shows with quite a few bands, but has actually shared the stage with:  Sevendust , Anthrax, The Misfits, The Exploited, Dokken, Winger, D.O.A., The Circle Jerks, FEAR, Jello Biafra, The Angry Samoan’s, The Mentor’s, The White Kaps, Drain Bramaged, U.S. Bombs, U.K. Subs, Total Chaos,  R.K.L., Youth Brigade, Channel 3, Obituary, Entombed, Samael, Crowbar, Strapping Young Lad, W.A.S.P., Fear Factory, Body Count, Murder Dolls, Suffocation, Hypocrisy,  Flotsam & Jetsam, Nevermore, Prong, Napalm Death, Mercyful Fate, Fates Warning, Death, Lagwagon, Guttermouth, Agent Orange, Exodus, Hammerfall, Gamma Ray, Edguy, The Expendables, The Specials, Pitch Black, and yes, others…

With a wide range of contacts and personal associations developed over 25 years in the professional music industry, it’s easy to see why Pat would be such an invaluable asset to you as an instructor or musical consultant.  And as far as that music career Pat Magrath moved to So Cal to pursue, he did it, and continues to do it, growing in new directions all the time.